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Roland Müller-Ineichen


Mr. Müller-Ineichen was appointed to the Board of Directors of Altisource in July 2009. He also serves on the Board of Directors of Bank Arner SA, a provider of private banking services based in Lugano, Switzerland; of SWA Swiss Auditors AG, a private company based in Freienbach, Switzerland that provides auditing and consulting services for financial institutions in Switzerland; of Citibank (Switzerland) Ltd. based in Zurich and Geneva, Switzerland, a subsidiary of Citigroup that provides private banking services to high net worth individuals; of Sberbank (Switzerland) Ltd., based in Zurich, Switzerland, a subsidiary of Sberbank Russia, offering trade finance, trading and corporate banking services; and of Habib Bank AG Zurich, a provider of corporate, personal, private, and correspondent banking products based in Zurich. In addition, from May 2010 to September 2011, Mr. Müller-Ineichen served as a member of the Board of Directors of Absolute Private Equity AG, a Switzerland-based investment company. Mr. Müller-Ineichen served as a Partner with KPMG Switzerland and KPMG Europe LLP where he was the lead partner on audits of national and international banks, security dealers and fund management companies. Mr. Müller-Ineichen began working in the Zurich office of KPMG in June 1995 as a senior manager in the audit department focused on the banking and financial services industries and served as a partner from January 1999 until his retirement in December 2008. Prior to joining KPMG, Mr. Müller-Ineichen progressed through various audit and managerial roles with Switzerland-based financial institutions. Mr. Müller-Ineichen is a Swiss certified public accountant. He completed a commercial and banking business apprenticeship with UBS in 1980. Mr. Müller-Ineichen holds a Business Commerce degree.

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